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Partnership with Just a Drop


At BAC we believe that water is at the core of sustainable cooling and development. The energy saving potential of evaporative cooling is needed to achieve worldwide sustainability targets. That’s why we are committed to contributing to the availability of clean and safe water to communities worldwide.

Just a Drop, with the support of BAC’s employees worldwide, will transform the lives of three schools and villages in Nicaragua, Kenya and India, by providing water harvesting tanks, pumps, piped systems, hand washing stations and water hygiene education.

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GBS raffle

In Belgium and USA our Global Business System department organizes a raffle to collect money for the BAC projects.

When buying a ticket you are helping ‘Just a Drop’ in their believe  – which we support – that everyone, everywhere, should have access to clean water as a basic right. Just a Drop wants to see a world where everyone has clean water and adequate sanitation, and the increased health and prosperity this brings.

All money collected will be donated to Just a Drop minus the cost of the raffle (tickets and laptop).

In total there are 7 prizes per country (USA and Belgium) that will be drawn. Prizes will be drawn in the sequence as per below list:

7. BAC USB Car Charger
6. BAC USB Car Charger
5. BAC Inductive charger for mobile phone
4. BAC Inductive charger for mobile phone
3. BAC Powerbank
2. BAC Powerbank
1. Lenovo laptop

Here are the rules of this raffle:

  • Drawing will be on the 14th of December at 12.00 hours
  • Drawing will be done by the local BAC Water Ambassador for Just a Drop
  • Ticket drawn wins the prize (winner is the winner)
  • Prices per ticket will be 2,- Euro/Dollar
  • Only BAC employees are allowed to sell tickets
  • Keyboard of laptop for United States will be Qwerty
  • Keyboard of laptop for Belgium will be Azerty
  • Prizes will be handed over at an official BAC location
  • To receive the prize, the ticket with corresponding number needs to be handed over.
  • Warranty of the laptop is handled through Lenovo as per received documentation with Laptop.
  • Private data (name, phone and email) will only be used for this event and permanently deleted after the drawing date.

Good luck !