In 2022 BAC will raise money for 2 projects.

Lieb village in Cambodia

Lieb villageThe 671 Lieb villagers suffer from a real lack of access to safe water and latrines. There are plenty of wells available, but the water is dirty and contaminated, leading to frequent diarrhea and illness. This has a consequent impact on education, health and productivity. Just a Drop will provide Biosand Filters (BSFs) and latrines. A BSF is a simple but effective device used at household level, providing sufficient safe water for drinking and cooking. To combat the issues related to sanitation, latrines will be constructed in selected households. The community will help choose which households are in greatest need, like young families and older people.

Nantale and Tara Primary Schools in Zambia

Zambia.jpgWe will be supporting the work in two schools, Nantale Primary and Tara Primary, benefiting 1,020 children and their teachers. The existing latrines in both schools have been identified as major health hazards. There are no facilities for washing or changing for girls, which leads to high levels of absenteeism during their menstruation times. This leads to poor academic performance and high dropout rates, particularly among girls. Just a Drop will construct new latrine blocks with washrooms and handwashing stations. In addition, they’ll form a committee to look after the new facilities and provide training on sanitation and hygiene.

Can we count on your donation for these projects?