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    BAC is committed to designing and operating our facilities to minimize their environmental impact, with a primary focus on:

    Energy consumption

    To minimize the energy consumption of our operations, we closely monitor energy usage at our facilities and actively pursue opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

    GHG emissions

    The aforementioned energy optimization initiatives at BAC’s sites are supporting our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions reduction strategy. In addition, BAC is decarbonizing its electricity supply step by step by investing in our own electricity production via on-site solar panel installations, in combination with purchasing renewable electricity from the grid.

    Potable water use

    We seek to reduce water usage in our facilities and increase reuse and recirculation of water where possible because we recognize that water is a critical resource. Since 2015, BAC has been tracking its potable water consumption monthly and has taken several initiatives to achieve water consumption reductions.

    We measure and report continuously on how initiatives and investments contribute to the improvement of our environmental impact.

    For more information about our efforts, targets and accomplishments, read our ESG report.