We design products striving to save every drop of water and every kilowatt of energy

At BAC, our passion for innovation and focus on sustainability inspire us to design products that minimize carbon impacts. As the first to introduce many efficiency innovations in cooling over the past 80 plus years, BAC is a world leader in sustainable cooling.

Sustainable product innovation

Product innovation to meet the sustainable cooling demands of today and tomorrow


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Our next generation models, which are up to 25% more energy efficient than previous generations, are geared to meet our sustainability targets – and yours. We offer a growing portfolio of water-saving hybrids that automatically optimize water savings to conserve this vital resource. Our lighter and smaller products are more sustainable thanks to material efficiency, lower transport and installation emissions, and resource conservation.

Lighter, smaller, smarter and more sustainable

Today, our CTI and Eurovent certified products are 25% more energy-efficient than previous generations, creating substantial cost and environmental impact savings for businesses. Every new product generation is designed and engineered to be lighter, smaller, smarter, and less carbon-intensive.

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Our product innovations include the ENDURADRIVE® fan system, offering you the highest reliability and lowest cost of ownership on the market.

The NEXUS® smart modular hybrid cooler, one of our hybrid products, optimizes water and energy savings and is 35% lighter and 40% smaller than traditional designs, reducing carbon outputs from transport, installation, and material usage.

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